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KLOBUCHAR: On propaganda issues and particularly purchased ads, as you know last time Russia purchased ads with rubles, do you think it would be helpful to know what those ads are in this next upcoming election, whether they are paid for by Russia or China or by any outside group to know what they are and who paid for them?
You can reshape unhelpful thoughts into helpful ones by giving them a reality check.
'Pakistani mango is very rich in vitamins A, B and C with a sizable amount of carbohydrates, calcium, iron, potassium and protein and its juice are very helpful to avoid heat strokes during Ramazan,' senior medical and children specialist, Dr Riaz Khan told Mohammad.
teachers finds that more than four in ten K-12 teachers say students' use of digital devices has a "mostly helpful" effect on students' education, while 28% of teachers instead describe the effect of these devices as "mostly harmful."
The two helpful ambulance ladies who took me home, not to mention the two helpful ambulance men who took me to the hospital.
Americans were surveyed about 11 different sources of news and asked which they found most helpful, but no one source was considered most helpful by more than a quarter of those surveyed.
Only about half of the participants found opportunities to speak with in-house benefits managers helpful. Fifty-eight percent said speaking with benefits provider reps was helpful.
"Ace and Valspar recognize the emotional response evoked by color and built the 'Helpful is Beautiful' campaign and The Paint Studio at Ace around this connection as a way to offer consumers a differentiating paint shopping experience featuring the brands they know and trust."
Paired with the helpful service and knowledgeable advice customers can expect from Ace associates, The Paint Studio provides a world-class paint experience right in consumers' neighborhood hardware stores.
“Tom has substantial business and technology experience and has shown an ability to determine the potential of companies to positively impact the transportation industry,” said Helpful Technologies CEO Mark Baehr.
Summary paragraph: Most consumers feel they are somewhat or very helpful
For those consumers who have seen their retirement income projection, 9 in 10 found it very helpful or somewhat helpful.