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Administrators' helpfulness significantly contributed to greater satisfaction.
Among its positive features named by passengers were the courtesy and helpfulness of airport staff, comfortable and pleasant ambiance, high efficiency and ease of access to and from the airport, reported Xinhua.
Consumers will use published data on patient satisfaction ratings--including ease of access, helpfulness and friendliness of nurses and office staff, and overall satisfaction with care and service--to be more discriminating buyers of medical services.
The average questionnaire score for treatment helpfulness was 49.
For example, teachers' perception of counselor helpfulness was predictable when counselors spent most of their time, with the teachers present, for the purpose of remediating a problem while facilitating the development of all children with the same function.
Their helpfulness toward David Ewart's family runs the gamut from filling a cooler with snacks for hospital-bound visitors to compiling a video that will be submitted to ``Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.
No other primate shows the same degree of helpfulness to others as humans.
The evaluation also accounted for helpfulness of content, ease of navigation, layout and data entry and the quality of look and feel.
Throughout the past four months, CURE accepted more than 100 essays from patients, survivors, and caregivers, describing the compassion and helpfulness received from a special oncology nurse.
Almost 6,500 consumers were consulted on six different front-of-package symbols and the clarity and helpfulness consumers found in each.
Four-part series, Dr Tanya Byron examines the legitimacy of normality as a notion and questions the helpfulness of the term.
A Guide To Daily Happiness For Kids" provides a diversity of examples of how their acts of kindness, appreciation, and helpfulness will be emotionally satisfying and personally rewarding for both themselves and others.