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The Helping Hands programme aims to bring together members of the church with their neighbours to undertake community work.
In addition to the Coat Drive, Helping Hands took part in several other initiatives, including Movember in 2014, which raised over $19,000 for men's health; the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge; New York Cares' Spring Day; cleaning parks in Red Hook; painting and revitalizing schools in the Bronx and Brooklyn; collecting over 75 bags of clothing, food, and school supplies after the tragic East Harlem building collapse; purchasing holiday gifts for children in need; and a Brooklyn public school cleanup.
The Minister continued: The progress of the Helping Hands Support Group over the past six years shows what can be achieved through hard work and dedication and a positive and proactive resolve to meet the range of needs of the autism community here in East Belfast.
Helping Hands application forms can be collected from the store and should be returned to the store's help desk.
2782 to find out if they qualify for Helping Hand, and Aqua will refer eligible customers to a local agency to apply.
The Helping Hand service gives tenants, especially those who are more vulnerable, access to maintenance jobs that are not the responsibility of LHT, like garden clearance, window cleaning and redecorating.
Lending a helping hand to the VA patient care centers has made a huge difference throughout the country.
Although Mrs Bala will be departing soon, Helping Hands will continue its social work.
We're raising money for Helping Hand because it's one of the hardest working and most worthy charities about.
City Councillor Bruce Ayers has donated a new van that will be used to pick up and deliver medical equipment donated under the Quincy Helping Hand Program.
By taking part in our great offer, you'll be helping Safeway raise pounds 100,000 for the Helping Hand Appeal.
For updates from the scene visit our Facebook page Helping Hand USA or website: http://hhrd.

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