helpless person

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The air was filled with dust and flying bits of vegetation and when the storm carried her across an irrigated area of farm land she saw great trees and stone walls and buildings lifted high in air and scattered broadcast over the devastated country; and then she was carried swiftly on to other sights that forced in upon her consciousness a rapidly growing conviction that after all Tara of Helium was a very small and insignificant and helpless person.
Kasur -- Pakistan Muslim League (PML) senior central leader and former Deputy Prime Minister Ch Parvez Elahi has said that every oppressed and helpless person is pinning hope on military courts for justice whether it is tragedy of children abuse in Kasur or incident of lawlessness.
The procedure, designed to resemble a medical treatment--albeit one with an involuntary patient and a very low probability of recovery--had begun to look uncomfortably like the cold-blooded killing of a helpless person.
And once he had revealed the true identity of Miserrimus, the contributor went on to rebuke Reynolds for his "posthumous libel on an innocent and helpless person, whose story is widely different from that here inflicted on his memory.
He added: "You drove up in a stolen car in a residential street in the east of this city and used a Taser device in broad daylight on an innocent and helpless person.
EoACAyWhat I like about Vidya Bagchi is that she could have easily been portrayed as this helpless person.
The aforementioned act, or failure, raises the suspicion of manslaughter (section 298 of the penal law, 1977), and/or causing death by negligence (sections 304 and 309 (4) of the penal law, 1977) and responsibility for helpless person and violation of obligation of perant or of responsible person (sections 322 and 337 of the penal law).
They were committed in breach of trust against a helpless person who was a patient in the hospital under your care.
When I viewed the horrible image of a helpless person in a wheelchair tossed onto the floor at the Hillsborough County Orient Road Jail, I noticed the public employees present/responsible behaved as if they had committed prior atrocities against disabled persons many times before with impunity.
The bad boy George of the past all went out of the window when I saw this helpless person lying on the bed like an empty shell.
To murder and even behead a helpless person is as ruthless as it is cowardly,'' the president said.
After the hearing, the victim's brother, who lives near Nuneaton, said: "It disgusts me to think someone could do a thing like that to such a helpless person.