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Anna Jeys bobs around helplessly in the Irish Sea, waiting for the Angle lifeboat
Let our confession be that we would rather stand and be active than sit helplessly by during Lent and Holy Week.
Wales Office minister Don Touhig will tell the unions that the Government has a 'stark choice' between having the power to bring about change and 'shouting helplessly from the sidelines'.
Most people forget how dependent individuals and businesses are on technology and how vulnerable they are because of that dependence--that is, until they are attacked by a computer virus and have to watch helplessly as the virus takes over their computers, networks, and perhaps their entire computing infrastructure.
Our jubilation immediately turned to horror as we helplessly watched the power opener tear itself off the ceiling while the garage door stayed dosed.
The jury in Dallas found John Battaglia guilty of murdering the girls, aged six and nine, last May while their mother listened helplessly on the telephone.
Josh subsequently recalled for the Panama City News Herald how neighbors watched helplessly from windows of their homes as the vicious canine bit him and tried to knock him to the street by jumping on his back.
At the moment in history when ideas of man typified by Hobbes's theories emerged as precursors of the modernist "death of man" reduced to a bundle of impulses or helplessly propelled by external forces, Milton's poem "has some claim to being an imaginative vindication of the huma nistic idea that persons and their values are at least as much a part of the basic structure of reality as elementary particles and their powers" (227).
With flattened tails and valve-like nostrils that keep out seawater, sea snakes have evolved into fearsome swimmers, but writhe helplessly on land.
The Chad dotes on Barrymore, "my little starfish," only to watch helplessly as she plunges off the side of his boat in scuba gear to wage an amphibious assault on the bad guys.
Mel is successful, beautiful, and helplessly in love.
His most successful piece, Gravity, begins with five dancers lying on the floor in a circle looking like little amoebas, pulled down by the weight of their tap shoes as they helplessly, often aggressively, try to get up as if stuck in quicksand.