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Danny, on his feet, tottered groggily and helplessly before him.
Thus addressing one another in whispers, the three stepdaughters of Lady Winwood stood bewildered in their own drawing-room, helplessly confronting an object which appeared before them on the threshold of the door.
Filled with pity at the sight of the poor little fellow being knocked helplessly about by the wind, she clapped her hands sharply together three times.
One all movement, only living in society, like a fish in water; the other our Kostya, lively, alert, quick in everything, but as soon as he is in society, he either sinks into apathy, or struggles helplessly like a fish on land.
And ever the road seemed to rise under the noses of the snorting mares, filling the air with noiseless flight, drifting down the breeze in clouds of brown and yellow soft-flaked as snow, and piling in mounds against the fences, ever driven to float helplessly on the irrigation ditches along the roadside.
He rebelled helplessly against the attitude she had taken.
JOHN PEARCE The dimwit was caught dangling helplessly inside the bay window of a house in Dartford, Kent.
Monica Burns, North East lead manager for the federation, said: "The lack of affordable housing is a tragedy for families across the North East who are helplessly watching as the cost of renting or buying a home spirals out of reach.
For St Ledger, who sat by helplessly as his club's fight for npower Championship survival ultimately came up short, the chance to finish on a high note is one he is determined not to miss.
A MUM has spoken of the horrifying moment she listened helplessly on the phone as her schoolboy son was stabbed.
Angelina Jolie looked on helplessly as the stuffed toy tumbled from the 20-month-old's hands.
Mum Harriet watched helplessly as her 14-month-old son went fishing in the Prince's Pimm's during yesterday's royal visit.