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Learn to be his helpmate. Take that step of faith according to Biblical wisdom.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 2, 2016-ACS Technologies Acquires Church Software Specialist Helpmate
Goudy was the wife and "beloved helpmate" of Frederic W.
Honda created ASIMO to help people and society, to create a helpmate for humans requiring assistance with their daily lives.
The Helpmate: Fontaine's future husband is edging precipitously close to the cliff's edge when she impedes his fall by yelling.
Elwood (Bud) Williams, and Robert Mangan.She was a member of Eastern Star and the PEO sisterhood and an active helpmate in her husbands' pastorates in New Hampshire, North and South Dakota, and Paxton and Oakham, Massachusetts.She was a graduate of Yankton college and the University of North Dakota.
Author Ajuan Maria Mance actually uses the word "helpmate," the same word often used to describe Eve's role for Adam.
For She's Come Undone, the loose framework was Homer's Odyssey, and a whale became Dolores's helpmate. In I Know This Much Is True, there's a rabbit and a monkey who represent Dominique and Thomas.
This pilgrimage does not bring the healing he ardently requests from Mary, but his devout grandmother attributes another miraculous answer to his prayers: the gift of Alice, who ultimately becomes his wife and helpmate.
Coretta Scott King graciously accepted her role as helpmate for Dr.
Cruz mailer depicts Pennsylvania jail builder as helpmate to prosecutors; Dewhurst aide calls that 'phony' description (The Dallas Morning News): "A new Ted Cruz mailer depicts Senate GOP runoff opponent David Dewhurst as weak at curtailing state spending and desperate to obscure his record as lieutenant governor by 'lying about Ted Cruz.' Under the heading of 'Dewhurst Juvenile Prison Lies,' the mailer says: 'Truth: Ted Cruz worked on a civil case for the individual who HELPED prosecutors put the corrupt judges behind bars.'"
Milk and bread roundsmen - nearly all firms employed a youth as a helpmate.