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The HelpMate system is being positioned to gain widespread acceptance simultaneously in the United States, Europe (through Otis Elevator Co.
The Company is pleased with its progress in achieving its goal of establishing the HelpMate robotics system as a flexible, cost- efficient and preferred method for transporting materials within hospitals and other healthcare facilities.
We are delighted to be able to add the capabilities of HelpMate to Pyxis and Cardinal," said Stephen S.
LP, HELPW; PSE: HLP) announced today that six rental contracts for HelpMates were signed in September.
NASDAQ:HELPU, HELP, HELPW; PSE: HLP) announced today that for the quarter ended March 31, 1997, the Company received a total of 20 orders for its Helpmate Robotic courier which includes the purchase of 4.
Our sale force is at full strength and the Helpmate Robotic Courier is more visible.
HRI and the VA National Acquisition Center have already agreed on pricing and we are offering volume discounts to encourage procurement," added Thomas Sweeny, President of HelpMate Robotics, Inc.
Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, PainCARE merged with HelpMate Robotics, Inc.
The increase in gross profit percentage and dollars for the quarter reflects the Company's ongoing strategy to reduce costs associated with manufacturing and installing its HelpMate robots coupled with the fact that several of the Company's rental units are now fully depreciated.
BULLETIN BOARD: HMRB) today announced that at the Annual Shareholders' Meeting, held today in Orlando, Florida, shareholders approved the change of the corporate name from HelpMate Robotics, Inc.
This is the second sale-leaseback transaction HelpMate Robotics Inc.
Simon Mintz, defending, said his client had succumbed to temptation by allowing "a highly manipulative and plausible paedophile" to act as a helpmate to the family.