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United by a common mission to help churches grow and make disciples, both companies see this merger as a welcomed opportunity to better serve Helpmate clients long into the future with deeper resources to develop next generation software, while providing superior service.
The type, drawn in humility, is dedicated to the memory of my beloved helpmate
It is not surprising that the nymph's function as helpmate is problematized in these films.
Coretta Scott King graciously accepted her role as helpmate for Dr.
Cruz mailer depicts Pennsylvania jail builder as helpmate to prosecutors; Dewhurst aide calls that 'phony' description (The Dallas Morning News): "A new Ted Cruz mailer depicts Senate GOP runoff opponent David Dewhurst as weak at curtailing state spending and desperate to obscure his record as lieutenant governor by 'lying about Ted Cruz.
Milk and bread roundsmen - nearly all firms employed a youth as a helpmate.
Our wish is to have a good parliament, a helpmate in national development.
You want someone with style, someone who is healthy and someone who will be a supportive helpmate.
amp; conceived for both of them a helpmate, sadist Irma Grese,
Yes, Randy was a wonderful guy, a good friend, a strong helpmate and a stellar individual honest as the day is long, then a day or so longer.
He must understand that you can't relate to him as a lover and helpmate (all part and parcel of permanent relationships) if he's going to be a great big boo-boo.
Automated couriers, such as the HelpMate robot, have been found in American hospitals for over a decade.