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She was meant to be his companion, his helpmeet, and this required a level of education that fitted her for this role.
Here Rosie's success as a healer and helpmeet exceeds the performance of traditional domestic duties; she rises to personal challenges unique to her time, position, and marriage, and meets them with affection and grace.
To this image of woman as a helpmeet Kazakova added another characteristically Russian claim: "The essence of woman is her ability to love.
Women who work are often in conflict about deviating from their prescribed role as mother and helpmeet to their husbands.
The most traditional is that of inspirational muse, and later helpmeet, adjunct, adoring (but lesser) partner, to some prominent male composer: Clara and Robert Schumann, Cosima and Richard Wagner.
Dear Yemisi, I am no longer happy being a helpmeet to this ungrateful man.
And as an illustrator, too, Jansson was not in the business of making images that would be the text's helpmeet or handmaiden, but which keep it company on their own terms.
Then I met Peter and his wife, Julia Conway Bondanella, a distinguished scholar and academic administrator in her own right, who was his invaluable helpmeet, and the co-author, co-editor, and co-translator of many of his major works.
It challenges the illusion of protection felt by a woman who sees her role as helpmeet to a patriarch.
As the information super highway the SEA-ME-WE 5 will helpmeet Pakistan's high speed connectivity demands based on its rapidly expanding IT presence globally.
And in recalling Kirk's own ordo amoris, we must not neglect his helpmeet since 1963, Annette.
The naysayers in her life included a mother who ran away from reality, seeking cold comfort in the lives of TV soap opera characters, and a husband who turned out to be more of a hindrance than a helpmeet.