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In the absence of intra-abdominal recurrent RCC this is likely to represent a true hematogenous metastasis to the gastric mucosa and subsequent ulceration.
In addition, tumor microemboli may form in the terminal vessels of the lung due to hematogenous metastasis, which can invade the interstitium surrounding lymphatic vessels [8].
The interest in the present case lies in the fact that this is a true, very rare, cutaneous hematogenous metastasis arising in the absence of local recurrence, appearing after a long time interval from diagnosis of the primary tumor (10 years), characteristic of this type of malignancies.
Nevertheless, mammary osteosarcomas are biologically aggressive tumors characterized by early recurrence and hematogenous metastasis, frequently to the lungs [7].
Hematogenous metastasis of cancer occurs in the later stage of tumor progression that is responsible for death in most cancer patients.