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In this study, cross-sectional hemispheric asymmetry analysis as well as VBM and vertex-based thickness analyses was performed for different time points to identify regions that could discriminate MCI converters from nonconverters and how early they could work for differentiation.
Transcranial magnetic stimulation reveals a hemispheric asymmetry correlate of intermanual differences in motor performance.
There are several possible explanations for the age-related change in the hemispheric asymmetry of sound processing by the auditory center.
Additionally, we found partial evidence for hemispheric asymmetry in attentional function following combat-related TBI and PTSD, with mTBI + PTSD participants showing greater deficits in RH function and PTSD only participants showing greater deficits in LH function.
The present study showed hemispheric asymmetry in CA1-4 sectors and the subiculum of the dog hippocampus.
In order to test the hypothesis that the presence of an audience would increase EEG hemispheric asymmetry in the beta range, an ANOVA was first performed on the mean amplitudes of the LH and RH alpha, beta1 and beta2 bands with factors Epoch, Hemisphere, and Audience.
In chapter 1, Wallin proposes some potential musical consequences of hemispheric asymmetry, reproducing the idea that music is primarily, although not exclusively, a right-hemisphere phenomenon.
(1982) Hemispheric asymmetry in the expression of positive and negative emotions: Neurological evidence.
Hellige, "Hemispheric asymmetry: what's right and what's left," Science, vol.
Processing of preconsciously acquired information measured by hemispheric asymmetry and selection accuracy.
Functional magnetic resonance imaging of motor cortex: Hemispheric asymmetry and handedness.

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