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The CI-110[R] has an integrated CCD camera for taking hemispherical images while the proprietary software calculates the photosynthetically active radiation and instantaneous leaf area index.
Using such prepared test set, four, 33 grads rotated, hemispherical pictures were made (Fig.
Canopy gap fraction estimation from digital hemispherical images using sky radiance models and a linear conversion method.
The design equation of a simple Hemispherical DRA geometry is given as below [5]:
The coefficient in Equation 6 may be considered to be the total hemispherical emittance of the fabric structure.
secondus Mulk and Jairajpuri in particular on the basis of small spirally curved body, high hemispherical lip with distinct annulations which is continuous with body and flat at apex, long stylet, excretory pore near oesophago-intestinal junction and cylindrical tail with broadly rounded striated terminus.
While the effect lasts, the patient is a left or a right hemispherical person.
The unit comprises a spring-loaded flap, mounted in a hemispherical chamber and deflected by the flow in the line.
The ability to articulate infinitely in a near hemispherical space, allowing access to the surgical site from different angles and assisting in providing triangulation and visualization needed to facilitate SILS[TM] procedures.
The largest hemispherical building in the world, the largest castle in the world, the largest inclined building and so on.