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Hemmer earned a double major in business management and human resource management from Barton College in Wilson, N.
We always keep an eye on the future," Hemmer notes.
Hemmer has a load of favorite spots inside the bay, but for him, it's not as much about the spot, as it is about an area or a travel lane where grouper move from one point to another during this migration.
CNN - Starts at midnight today, Anderson Cooper, Christiane Amanpour and Bill Hemmer, with Soledad O'Brien in New York, anchors.
Hemmer, * Martina Littmann, ([dagger]) Micha Lobermann, * Michael Lafrenz, * Tobias Bottcher, * and Emil C.
I had to warn my co-anchor Bill Hemmer that something could happen.
A CNN reporter, Bill Hemmer, said on the air that he hoped the government would reconsider.
We're anxious to see how it does," says Jennifer Hemmer, Visa's director of events and sponsorship marketing.
Hemmer of Hanscom Air Force Base near Boston and his colleagues have for the first time dramatically slowed light in a solid, Hemmer told SCIENCE NEWS.
Even CNN's unctuous Bill Hemmer and Leon Harris dwell in a corporate hierarchy (Time-Warner-CNN-AOL, etc.