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Then when he had drunk up the bottle of petit vin blanc, she gave him her hand, and took him up to the drawing-room, and made him snug on the sofa by the fire, and let him talk as she listened with the tenderest kindly interest, sitting by him, and hemming a shirt for her dear little boy.
There are Siouxes, too, hemming the fire with their arrows and knives on every side of us, or I am no judge of their murderous deviltries.
I see you are not addicted to the fashionable vice of fancy-work, Miss Tulliver," said Stephen, looking at Maggie's plain hemming.
Hemming will lead the company's expansion plans in EMEA with particular focus on customer growth and satisfaction.
Mr Hemming said this related to another thread where he was debating with a Mumsnetter - an Italian barrister - about where Tolkien's Middle-earth was set and the year the Bill of Rights was introduced.
He told the court that Hemming had now had to abandon his sports and fitness college course because of the incident.
Mr Hemming said: "It is an issue I intend taking further, either to the Court of Appeal or to the Supreme Court.
GRANDPARENTS, aunts and uncles should be allowed to provide alternative homes for a child if the parents cannot cope, according to Birmingham MP John Hemming.
Soon after the Pakistan Cricket Board allotted the Twenty20 matches to the Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Tony Hemming, the Head Curator, conducted in-depth research on how to produce a good wicket for the hot September weather.
Summary: A kitten that was stolen by Christine Hemming, the wife of Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming, has been found alive and well.
Christine Hemming, 53, from Moseley, Birmingham, was convicted of burglary by a jury at the city's Crown Court last month.
Mrs Hemming denied the charge but was found guilty after jurors watched CCTV footage of her taking the cat from the home of Mr Hemming's mistress, Emily Cox, last September.