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Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul said, "Tremendous progress has been made since we convened the very first hemp summit at Cornell in April 2017.
Its team of scientists collect data and analysis the chemical, genetic and phenotypic profiles of hemp, allowing the company to create proprietary varieties of hemp that are targeted for specific uses for current or emerging markets.
In 1970, President Richard Nixon designated both hemp and marijuana Schedule I drugs, the government's category for the most dangerous controlled substances.
At the cutting edge of hemp research, Boulder based CBDRx is engaged in several medical efficacy studies with American universities and Israeli researchers.
There was a time when Washington, who had devoted himself to the improvement of American agriculture, debated whether industrial hemp could be a more lucrative cash crop than tobacco.
Some states have protections in place to prevent criminal prosecution of hemp farmers, and production is spreading around the country.
Furthermore, potential hemp harvesters need to submit relevant applications and receive permission to be considered as legal hemp producers.
Potential uses for industrial hemp include paper, textiles, biodegradable plastics, fuel, and health and food products.
A hemp crop can be grown without the use of herbicides or insecticides, and produces up to four tonnes of material per acre per year.
The Test Pledge program was created to ensure customers that hemp seed oil is safe and cannot cause a false positive on a drug test.
Boris Zatezic, founder and head cream-whipper at MuLondon says: “Despite the EU laws severely limiting the amount of allowed THC in hemp, there's still some confusion regarding the effects that hemp products can have on drug tests.
Interest in hemp cultivation is rising, partially because it is a very sustainable crop compared to other seed crops.