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Re-exposure to heparin flush solution 2 months later caused the same anaphylactic symptoms, along with respiratory problems requiring ventilation.
5 million purchase price, ICU signed a definitive agreement to sell the operating assets of SwabFlush and the pre-filled saline and heparin flush syringes to Medline Industries Inc.
8 CR-BSI per 1000 device days), the single valve with heparin flush group (4.
McNulty I, Katz E, Kim KY 2005 Thrombocytopenia following heparin flush Progress in Cardiovascular Nursing 20 (4) 143-114
to recall single-dose and mul-tidose heparin vials and HEP-LOCK heparin flush products on Feb.
Three other infants also received a heparin flush using the wrong concentration, but the adverse effects of the drug did not result in death" (ISMP, 2006, p.
The concentration of the heparin flush solution was 4 U/mL in 0.
Formed in 1989, Excelsior also manufactures and sells prefilled saline flush syringes, prefilled heparin flush and lock syringes, and syringe pump systems to customers throughout the world.
Multiple studies comparing the effects of heparin flush solution and saline flush solution on the patency of IV catheters have been conducted with adults (Ashton, Gibson, & Summers, 1990; Epperson, 1989; Garrelts, LaRocca, Ast, Smith, & Sweet, 1989; Hamilton, Plis, Clay, & Sylvan, 1988; Shoaf & Oliver, 1992; Taylor, Hutchinson, Milliken, & Larson, 1989; Tuten & Gueldner, 1991).

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