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Aortic origin of right hepatic artery and superior mesenteric origin of splenic artery two rare variations demonstrated angiographically.
Anatomic variation of the celiac trunk with special reference to hepatic artery patterns.
The most common postoperative arterial complication is hepatic artery thrombosis, often detected within the first 3 months, and occurs at an even higher rate if arterial reconstruction or grafts are employed.
It appears that embolization had occurred directly through the hepatic artery and pulmonary vein communication which was possibly formed after the first session of TACE.
In 192 (96%) cases, the cystic artery was originating from the right hepatic artery (Figure 2) while in 2 (1%) cases we found a rare variation i.
True hepatic artery aneurysms, particularly those of the dimensions described in this case, are rare vascular lesions.
8 Fr tip coaxial microballoon catheter (Logos: PIOLAX, Kanagawa, Japan) was inserted into the right hepatic artery via the parent catheter.
Subsequently, he underwent hepatic artery angiogram (day 21), which showed critical anastomotic stenosis of the replaced common hepatic artery that arose directly off the aorta.
A contrast-enhanced CT scan revealed an intimal flap in the celiac trunk and a mural thrombus (Figure 1A) extending to the splenic artery and proximal hepatic artery (Figure IB) and causing moderate to severe narrowing of the celiac artery (demonstrated by CT angiography) (Figure 2) as well as a thrombosed false lumen, increased attenuation of the surrounding fat, and a segmental splenic infarction (Figure 1).
Pyogenic bacteria can gain access to the liver by direct extension from contiguous organs or through rich dual blood supply provided by the portal vein and hepatic artery.
Recurrent hepatic artery thrombosis in three instances of liver transplant in a single patient: Case report