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CELL. A small room in a prison. See Dungeon.

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S: hepatic sinusoids; HN: hepatocyte nucleus; HC: hepatic cell plates; CV: cytoplasmic vacuolation; II: inflammatory influx; CA: cytoplasmic acidophilia; CG: cytoplasmic granules (x400 magnification).
Therefore, HSC are widely used in vitro models for the study of hepatic fibrosis.3 The human hepatic cell line LX-2 is detected with a gene chip; its genetic similarity with the original generation of HSC reaches 98.7% therefore, it is widely used in cell models for the study of activation and inhibition of HSC.
trimera on hepatic cells (HEP G2) and viability of cells treated with the extract.
In a number of cases were observed nidus necroses of hepatic cells. Clear spaces of sinusoid capillaries were uneven filled with blood.
ALT and AST are transaminases localized in the hepatic cells are released in the circulation after hepatic cell damage [23].
Histopathological examination of liver sections of the control and ginger treated rats showed normal lobular architecture and normal hepatic cells. Consistent with serum ALT and AST levels, histopathological examination of livers of AT (80 mg/kg) treated rats showed distorted architecture with centrilobular necrosis and various degenerative changes in hepatic cells.
In the present investigation, it was observed that hepatic cells become extensively vacuolated [14, 15, 16] after Sodium benzoate treatment.
While ALT and GGT exist mainly in hepatic cells, AST exists not only in the hepatic cells, but also in cardiac and muscle cells.
The aminotransferases and LDH show the greatest magnitude of increase in hepatitis because these enzymes are released into the circulation when hepatic cells become damaged or die.
The apoptotic--labeling index (AI) in 100 hepatic cells ranged between 0.15 to a maximum 20.43 in I/R groups.