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2 Herald Square is fully-built, with all vertical transportation in place, including escalators and elevators.
In the 1920s--that brief, giddy, Lost Generation interlude between world war catastrophes--Americans began to find the Herald not just in Paris but across Europe as well.
He worked for News Limited at the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong, the Canberra Press Gallery, Boston Herald, Sydney and in East Timor.
The merger agreement does not provide for issue of fractional shares of BKU common stock and former Herald shareholders will receive cash as per the mentioned ten days average closing price of BKU common stock of USD23.
In one of his threatening letters to me, Judge Murphy correctly predicted the Herald had `zero chance' that his colleagues on the bench would side with the Herald rather than one of their own," Purcell in a statement posted on the newspaper's web site.
The tax breaks, which include a 5 percent income tax credit for a new cardboard baler, will help defer expenses on DCD's new equipment, the facility's recycling manager Jim Jensen tells the Herald.
In Rome on the morning of February 28, 2001, Pope John Paul II welcomed a thousand jubilant members of the Heralds of the Gospel gathered for a landmark celebration.
Jubilo en Miami"--Joy in Miami--read a front-page headline in El Nuevo Herald during the height of the Elian Gonzalez saga.
Several Broward County commissioners, who had to approve the deal, objected to that component after getting negative feedback from consumer show producers, but Herald executives balked at dropping the surcharge.
With long-distance printing just a push button away, the Herald is producing its international edition on several Caribbean islands to serve vacationers and expatriates.
Was he already cultivating the connections that eventually led to his elevation to Richmond Herald and then Clarenceux King of Arms?
The editors first thought there was a language problem and put out an edition in Spanish, but El Herald never really caught on, and the editors have since learned that beneath the language problem there is the philosophy problem, a basic difference of opinion with a majority of the city's inhabitants over elemental questions of the First Amendment and the role of the free press.