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In the future.

The term hereafter is always used to indicate a future time—to the exclusion of both the past and present—in legal documents, statutes, and other similar papers.

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later or below in a document.
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In that understanding, our vision of God in the hereafter is direct or immediate in a way that our vision of God today never is.
Or, do we pay mostly lip service by reciting it to earn rewards for the Hereafter? In probing the human psychology of evasion, the poet and philosopher, AllamaIqbal, advises: Ai Musalmaanapnedil se pooch Mullah sena pooch [O Muslims!
Yesterday, Douglas Devananda Minister of Traditional Industries and Small Enterprise Development speaking to Asian Tribune told that hereafter the cabinet of Ministers will be meeting on every Thursday morning, a departure from the usual Wednesday's meeting that was followed since the independence of the country.
That's less than "Hereafter," which cost a reported $50 million, but slightly more than "Mystic River" at $25 million.
From director Clint Eastwood and starring Oscar winner Matt Damon, Hereafter examines what we believe might - or must - exist in an afterlife.
She teamed up with former Whiskeytown guitarist (and co-founder, with Ryan Adams), Phil Wandscher, to put together the Sweet Hereafter and they are now into a six-album career with a cult following.
Pictures has cancelled all Japanese screenings of their new film, Hereafter, in the wake of the devastating earthquake and tsunami.
Dr Sartori said: "Hereafter will help bring NDEs into the public consciousness.
Hereafter 12A GEORGE (Matt Damon) is an ordinary American guy who has a special connection to the afterlife.
Utilising a three-stranded narrative, Hereafter begins with a French journalist (Ccile De France) having a near-death experience when a tsunami strikes her holiday resort.
HEREAFTER (12A) Starring: Cecile De France, Matt Damon, George McLaren, Frankie McLaren, Bryce Dallas Howard, Thierry Neuvic, Lyndsey Marshal.
Hereafter 12A, 128 mins How Do You Know 12A, 120 mins Barney's Version 15, 133 mins CLINT Eastwood may be approaching his 80th birthday but the imposing actor-turned director shows no signs of relinquishing his seat behind the camera.