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They also share the damnosa hereditas of insanity in the family.
At home and abroad the hallowed institution of church-state unity and the concordat was weakening where it had not been dissolved, and with it the structural underpinning of establishment Christendom, called a damnosa hereditas.
121: "Optima autem hereditas a patribus traditur liberis omnique patrimonio praestantior gloria virtutis rerumque gestarum, cui dedecori esse nefas et vitium iudicandum est.
Chromosomal aberrations in workers exposed to lead," Hereditas, 88:263-7.
13] A subclassification of res nullius may better serve this function such as hereditas iacens -- a thing belonging to nobody but part of a deceased's estate prior to its acquisition by an heir, or perhasp res divini iuris -- things under divine law, thus making them non-negotiable and excluded from any legal transactions; Adolf Berger, ed.
1985, "The Allium test as standard in environmental monitoring," Hereditas, 102, 99-112.