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2-Violators of the provisions of this decree or the resolutions issued in pursuance hereof will be referred by the director general to the competent judicial authorities.
" The hearing justice believed that the absence of the words 'with respect to any breach hereof' in the arbitration clause created a conflict with the conciliation clause, and, applying the specific-over-general rule, he ruled that 'in order for there to be arbitration, there had to be [a] controversy, claim, or dispute other than a breach of the [Lease]' because only the conciliation clause specifically referred to incidents of breach.
On the date hereof, Hitachi Rail Italy Investments S.r.l.
As of the date hereof, FrontFour Funds own an aggregate of 1,235,211 TZZ shares, representing approximately 10.60% of 11,649,711 TZZ shares outstanding as at June 30, 2018, as reported by TZZ in its management's discussion and analysis dated August 8, 2018.
According to the Lagos State government, 'The Aggregate Principal Amount and any coupon (accrued up to and unpaid (if any)) shall be amortised over the life of the Series I Bonds commencing after the third anniversary of issuance of the Series I Bonds in accordance with Schedule 4 hereof.'
On a partially diluted basis, assuming exercise of the Options (but assuming no exercise, conversion or exchange of any other options, warrants or convertible securities of The Stars Group outstanding on the date hereof), on the basis of approximately 270,049,509 Common Shares issued and outstanding further to the Preferred Share Conversion, the GSO Funds have beneficial ownership of, and GSO has control or direction over, approximately 9.8% of the issued and outstanding Common Shares of The Stars Group.
'Failure on the part of Hype Transport System Inc to answer in writing this Show Cause Order within the said period from receipt hereof and to appear at the hearing of this case shall be considered as waiver on its part to be heard and this case shall be decided on the basis of the recorded of this Board,' the order said.
Congress shall, within two years of ratification hereof, establish a system whereby the writ of habeas corpus shall be available to ensure the rights of any animal or group of animals.
You are required to enter an Appearance to the above proceedings either personally or by your Solicitor at the Dublin Circuit Court, Aras Ui Dhalaigh, Four Courts, Dublin 7 within ten days from the date hereof and TAKE NOTICE that in default of you doing so the Plaintiff may proceed and judgement may be given in your absence without further notice to you.
Sunstone Hotel Investors is a lodging real estate investment trust that, as of the date hereof, has interests in 29 hotels comprised of 13,760 rooms.
The terms of the refinancing, including those described above, could change materially between the date hereof and the effectiveness of the facilities, and there is no assurance that the refinancing will be consummated.
Ominvest said it 'will continue to abide by the related rules and regulations, among them the disclosure requirements, and shall make its best endeavour to inform the Capital Markets Authority (CMA), within six months hereof, of its full plan regarding the project, and shall disclose on the outcome in due course'.