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HERESY, Eng. law. The adoption of any erroneous religious tenet, not warranted by the established church.
     2. This is punished by the deprivation of certain civil rights, and by fine and imprisonment. 1 East, P. C. 4.
     3. In other countries than England, by heresy is meant the profession, by Christians, of religious opinions contrary to the dogmas approved by the established church of the respective countries. For an account of the origin and progress of the laws against heresy, see Giannoni's Istoria di Napoli, vol. 3, pp, 250, 251, &c.
     4. in the United State, happily, we have no established religion; there can, therefore, be no legal heresy. Vide Apostacy; Christianity.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Though Chesterton generally reserves the term "modernism" for religious innovation, his literary criticism, particularly in Heretics, is peppered with such phrases as "modern literature," "modern writers and thinkers," "modern novels," "modern realists," "the modern artistic temperament," and "ultra-modern aesthetes." Like the "higher criticism" that challenged traditional Catholic doctrine, the aestheticism championed by Walter Pater and Oscar Wilde posed for Chesterton a similar challenge to received traditions that for him gave meaning and purpose to human life and literature.
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Initially, Frank was just another heretic among heretics--but all that changed in 1756, when he was (allegedly) caught performing a heretical ritual (admit it, you want to know: it involved having a young maiden, either naked or topless, embody the Divine Feminine, and stand in the center of a circle of men who kissed her breasts the way we kiss the Torah today).
The intolerance of the Catholic Church prevails, whether in the persecution of heretics and Jews, or the greed and savagery that inspired the Crusades endorsed by the Pope.
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