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The Age of Heretics is an ambitious, scholarly, smartly written effort to peer behind the organizational curtains and reveal many of the individuals, and their ideas, who have helped advance corporate behavior and management.
In addition to rehabilitating witches and heretics, the New Inquisitions contains a political vision.
Frank was the most infamous (ex-)Jew of his day, a man who had been caught engaging in orgiastic sexual ritual, turned over to the Christian authorities for prosecution as a heretic (the Church had jurisdiction over all heretics in that day, not just Christian ones), and then, to avoid the gallows, led a mass conversion in which hundreds of his followers publicly renounced Judaism and became Christians.
Like the heretic, the poet benefits from secrecy--he wants to access the secret parts of a woman's body, makes use of secret places to do so, and must keep his love a secret.
Unlike many Christian sects, Muslims had hitherto not been enthusiastic about branding others as heretics.
Heretic ran badly after a break at Newmarket on Saturday but it was a nonsense race with no pace, won by 25-1 chance Babodana, who raced alone close to the stands' side.
The Heretic engagingly blends history and fiction to create a tale that fills in the sparse outlines of what we know about the Jewish past of the Sephardim in the medieval Castilian world.
Still, masterpieces like Heretic (1929), a bare-bones dance, seem to serve as the catalyst and framework for future Graham works.
Out today, Heretic II has moved on leaps and bounds from the original.
The thoughts of current-day feminists are represented as well and include From Housewife to Heretic by Sonia Johnson; "U.
The stance of a heretic was very interesting; it was not an oppositional stance but it was the ability to synthesize.
Indeed it was quite possible to be a heretic without being aware of it -- or at least without being aware of the full consequences of the fact.