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But this heretical doctrine was strongly opposed by the other three, who quoted a great many precedents to show that bad weather was the very time for such appearances; and Mr Parkes (who had had a ghost in his family, by the mother's side) argued the matter with so much ingenuity and force of illustration, that John was only saved from having to retract his opinion by the opportune appearance of supper, to which they applied themselves with a dreadful relish.
Despite this near heretical supposition, this book is neither accusatory nor critical in its content.
When a Korean woman introduced some pre-Christian Korean insight to the World Council of Churches meeting in Canberra, the theological establishment said she was heretical.
While Ayalon briefly notes parallels with European suppression of expression considered heretical (e.
17 /PRNewswire/ -- Heresy of heresies, in his self- dubbed heretical history, "Columbus Was Last," science writer-author Patrick Huyghe unleashes a shocker: he knew it
Professor Savas' contributions to the field of outsourcing date back more than 30 years ago when as first deputy city administrator of New York City, he made the then, heretical recommendation to introduce competitive outsourcing to improve the performance of city agencies.
Shattering the stereotype of the Amish as a backwards people who condemn the outside world for their heretical ways, it's a refreshing look at a good, albeit unique type of people.
It is time to have an Anglican pope with all the powers to defrock and expel the heretical bishops in the Canadian and American churches.
He finds Maimon's self-representation to be a site of uneasy heretical hybridity, and describes his transformation not as geographical or intellectual but as a cultural translation.
Three of them had already been ordained invalidly by a member of the Old-Catholic church, a schismatic branch of the Catholic Church, which, after accepting female priests some years ago, is now heretical as well as schismatic and, therefore, no longer part of the Catholic communion.
Acknowledging the value of physical stimulation (particularly of the lower abdomen previously declared heretical by traditional Christian dogmas), Directing Life guides readers through a spectrum of Greek, Roman, Persian, Dionysian, and Tantric practices for an overall healthier and progressive body and mind cohesion.
Nevit Ergin decided to translate his collected works--the Duivan-I Kebir, which consisted of some forty-four thousand verses packed into over twenty volumes--into English: the Turkish government withdrew its support of his efforts after twenty-two volumes appeared and wouldn't publish the final due to its openly heretical nature.