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Reporters and editors would go to this or that workshop on writing and return from the mountain top with the dogma du jour, which in turn inspired the heretically inclined to nonconformity and rebellion.
He continues to remark that if the Spiritual Exercises were not heretically characterized as Pelagian, commentators still placed no emphasis on "the spontaneous movement of the soul towards God because of the workings of grace.
But even if, as we have sometimes heretically suggested, there are operationally only two degrees of review, plenary (that is, no deference given to the tribunal being reviewed) and deferential, that distinction at least is a feasible, intelligible, and important one.
Analysis is not enough', he used to say heretically.
Bosch's symbols probably came from the secret, proverbial, heretical language of certain fifteenth-century millennial sects, who heretically believed that, if evil could be overcome.
I wonder, even more heretically, if science hasn't moved ahead of women's studies in fostering the development of new knowledge that emerges rapidly and creatively out of the co-mingling of two or more traditional disciplines.
Regrettably, this duplication limits fuller discussion of the core issues behind a 'querelle' in which D'Aubignac's Scaligerean pedigree on poetic truth and verisimilitude placed him in the same 'grammairien' tradition as Chapelain and was bound to set him at odds with Corneille's Discours and his heretically Castelvetran preference for 'l'invraisemblable vrai' grounded in history.
So, Stockhausen conjures up the memory of his childlike piety, when he experienced Advent still as a "world of visions and mysteriously silent signs," laments their loss, suffered "in many cold winters" (of the boarding-school and war years), and at length states heretically that Christmas Eve now no longer possesses any meaning for him--just as for the others:
It is heretically dangerous to be concerned with our life alone, with our parish alone, with our diocese alone, with our own needs - racial, political, social, or even doctrinal - without the catholic vision of the church.
I develop this theme strongly in my new book, which I entitled, rather heretically, Sacred Pleasure: Sex, Myth, and the Politics of the Body.
The name of this stringent theological censor issues from a ghost come, heretically, from purgatory, and, in its vaguely scandalous imputation, resides in a place secret enough to have eluded censors and editors alike - even the play's first editors, if that is how to describe the people responsible for the 1603 Quarto, who missed the joke entirely:
In mission of this kind which is committed, without reservation, to the eradication of heretically sanctioned oppression, churches have become credible in the world.