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The answer is obvious: The weakness of most of the members, who are unwilling to expose themselves to the mercy of foreign powers; the weakness of most of the principal members, compared with the formidable powers all around them; the vast weight and influence which the emperor derives from his separate and heriditary dominions; and the interest he feels in preserving a system with which his family pride is connected, and which constitutes him the first prince in Europe; -- these causes support a feeble and precarious Union; whilst the repellant quality, incident to the nature of sovereignty, and which time continually strengthens, prevents any reform whatever, founded on a proper consolidation.
Many of the latter abandoned their heriditary abodes, and wandered off to join their southern brethren, so that but a remnant remained in the peninsula.
Update on gene therapy for the treatment of heriditary retinal diseases.
Growth at Adolescence: With a General Consideration of the Effects of Heriditary and Environmental Factors Upon Growth and Maturation from Birth to Maturity.
Most cataracts in dogs have origin from heriditary, congenital, nutritional, toxic, trauma etc.
A He's given the job of making the Lords more democratic to an unelected heriditary peer called Lord Strathclyde.
As a child, Nadia had had to have several blood transfusions and then her spleen removed as a reult of a heriditary blood condition.
But just eight months later she was given the dreadful news she had pancreatic cancer, the same disease that killed her dad Christopher when he was just 54 - 10% of cases are heriditary.
Abu Dhabi A Sri Lankan expatriate is slowly losing his eyesight because of a heriditary disease and cannot afford to pay for an operation that offers a glimmer of hope.
RITA THOMAS has been registered blind for the past 20 years and gradually began losing her sight even earlier, due to a heriditary condition.