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HERMAPHRODITES. Persons who have in the sexual organs the appearance of both sexes. They are adjudged to belong to that which prevails in them. Co. Litt. 2, 7; Domat, Lois Civ. liv. 1, t. 2, s. 1, n.. 9.
     2. The sexual characteristics in the human species are widely separated, and the two sexes are never, perhaps, united in the same individual. 2 Dunglison's Hum. Physiol. 304; 1 Beck's Med. Jur. 94 to 110.
     3. Dr. William Harris, in a lecture delivered to the Philadelphia Medical Institute, gives an interesting account of a supposed hermaphrodite who came under his own observation in Chester county, Pennsylvania. The individual was called Elizabeth, and till the age of eighteen, wore the female dress, when she threw it off, and assumed the name of Rees, with the dress and habits of a man; at twenty-five, she married a woman, but had no children. Her clitoris was five or six inches long, and in coition, which she greatly enjoyed, she used this instead of the male organ. She lived till she was sixty years of age, and died in possession of a large estate, which she had acquired by her industry and enterprise. Medical Examiner, vol. ii. p, 314. Vide 1 Briand, M‚d. L‚g. c. 2, art. 2, Sec. 2, n. 2; Dict. des Sciences M‚d. art. Hypospadias, et art. Impuissance; Guy, Med. Jur. 42, 47.

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If the probability that an ovule produced by a hermaphrodite will be fertilized with outcrossed pollen declines as hermaphrodites become rare, as suggested above, an increasing proportion of the remaining fertilizations will constitute selfing events.
acaulis the sexual identity of diseased individuals can not be determined since both hermaphrodites and females respond to infection by producing full-size anthers and small ovaries.
Protandric simultaneous hermaphroditism is a very advantageous sexual system; the individual can reproduce as a male when young (small), and as a simultaneous hermaphrodite when older and larger.
Regarding the hermaphrodite sex condition, tetraploid Catarina scallops were still hermaphrodites, but had a strikingly different gonad morphology than that observed in diploids, where the testis part of the gonad organ was found to be significantly smaller when compared with diploid hermaphrodites.
Multiple mating, paternity, and body size in a simultaneous hermaphrodite.
In true hermaphrodites, gonads are almost always asymmetrical and are classified as6;
Case report: ultrasonographic appearance of ovotestes in a true hermaphrodite.
Bella's owner Tracy said: "When Lizzie said that Bella was a hermaphrodite it was a surprise but didn't bother me at all.
Male and hermaphrodite flowers (one pair per plant) were selected at random, and subsequently measured for corolla diameter (mm) and flower height (mm) with a digital caliper, in both floral types.
Allometry was closer to isometry in hermaphrodite individuals, while negative allometry was found in both sexes and total populations.
Mang Dominador is equally elated by the phenomenon, but like a doting dad, he is convinced their hermaphrodite goat is actually a boy.