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Each storage unit contained a PVC cage with 20 adult insects of each species, totaling 40 insects; each cage with the insects received 200 g of maize as food substrate; these cages were previously closed with voile fabric at the ends to allow gas exchange and prevent the escape of insects; soon after, the cages were deposited within the grain mass, in the center of each storage unit, in both hermetic and non-hermetic systems.
Although the Corpus was not marginalized immediately, the Hermetic texts eventually became seen as late antique forgeries imitating Christian doctrines rather than as pagan anticipations of those doctrines from the time of Moses or even earlier.
The sign as hieroglyph and the symbol as deterritorializing vector, prominent in Proust and Signs and periodically recurrent in later works, are motifs that Ramey deftly integrates into Deleuze's aesthetics and sets in resonance with elements of the philosophical and artistic branches of the hermetic tradition.
With its different sizes and storing options, the totally hermetic GrainPro Portable Granary is undoubtedly the ideal solution to Sri Lanka's paddy storage problems and thereby ensures food security".
Monitoring of the sections outside of the hermetic zone showed no increase of radiation levels.
Safe storage of up to one-year using flexible hermetic containers, for green or parchment coffee is currently used in some 13 countries.
A number of scholars have rediscovered Lazzarelli in recent years, and this edition of his hermetic writings (with facing pages in English and Latin) aims to establish further his significance.
Australia), in considering that Hermetic ideas were expunged from the modern worldview during and after the Scientific Revolution of the 17th century.
Bouthoorn have succeeded admirably in producing an edition and translation of Lazzarelli's important hermetic writings, including his Epistola Enoch and his Crater Hermetis with its three prefaces to Giovanni da Correggio.
The first, written by Wouter Hanegraaff, "Ludovico Lazzarelli and the Hermetic Christ: At the Sources of Renaissance Hermetism," is a comprehensive study of Lazzarelli's life and thought, of his relationship with his mentor Giovanni "Mercurio" da Correggio, and of Renaissance hermetism (1-104).
Is Hegel to be read as a variant of Hermetic Gnosticism or is it the other way around?
Wrapped in hermetic skins of dark brick or metal, the houses face down their grotty surroundings, but the tough exteriors conceal a succession of secret, sensual inner realms.