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Ionesco defines Ion Barbu's poetry as hermetical, and hermeticism as facile virtuosity: 'an accumulation of masks'.
Product attributes include a wide temperature range of -40[degrees]C to +125[degrees]C, maximum service life of up to 20 years, a small form factor and a glass-to-metal hermetical seal.
These were the scholars who brought Bruno into the mainstream of a new conception of the Renaissanc e as deeply imbued with magical and hermetical strands of thought: the Renaissance developed in the second half of the twentieth century above all by Eugenio Garin, to whom this volume is affectionately dedicated.
15) The strategy reflects Godwin's penchant for historical allegory, demonstrated by Gary Kelly in the context of Jacobinism; and it corroborates Gloria Flaherty's registration of the late-century enthusiasm for hermetical pseudo-science.
Obviously, the sphere of consciousness observed in such close quarters does not uniquely limit itself to the hermetical room but, through the presence of the window, allows for connection with the greater visual sphere that the room comes to typify.
Other features include hermetical sealing of battery cells using a double-sealing process and separation of the positive and negative plates with a highly porous glass fibre mat to eliminate the risk of battery dry out.