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In contrast, SCHOTT has developed far more compact designs that are equipped with two hermetically connected, but completely separate glass-to-metal sealed pressure barriers.
In this latter portion of the book, the texture of the presentation becomes less densely woven: Whereas Gardner might, at one point in the course of his earlier discussion of Royall Tyler, draw in rapid succession on a series of literary works from the 1790s (Ethan Allen's captivity narrative, Peter Markoe's The Algerine Spy in Pennsylvania, Susannah Rowson's play Slaves of Algiers, and Peter Butler's Fortune's Foot-ball) to buttress a point about Tyler's The Algerine Captive, his readings of Poe and Douglass are more hermetically isolated, making fewer gestures outward toward the literary field whose development is a paramount concern of Master Plots.
It involves a hermetically sealed conventional microphone, battery, electronic unit, and piezoelectric vibrator of the ossicular chain.
They denounce the conversion of companies into fortresses that are hermetically separated from the client and consumer and staffed by apathetic employees.
It is frustrating to see how much these scholarly worlds appear hermetically closed to one another.
The hermetically sealed world of the president is probably inevitable.
His own face is preserved in a solution of lemon jello and then placed in a hermetically sealed mayonnaise jar on the back steps of headquarters.
It had an indentation and it goes into the indent and then it is hermetically sealed in cement so there's no oxidation in the joint.
and Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, Troyk's team developed hermetically sealed glass bottles capped on each end by an electrode.
The TES Series multi-anode molded tantalum chip capacitors and the TCH Series hermetically sealed tantalum polymer chip capacitors both provide very low ESR, high capacitance, and high voltage, as well as enable a significant payload reduction for power supplies.
Limited Tenders are invited for 1)Traction Battery ,Exide Make, Of 48V-192 Ah At 5 Hours Rate Of Discharge, With All Accessories Completed With Inter Cell Inter Unit Connector And Covered With High Grade Plastic, Charging Socket And Harness Cells Assembled In Steel Tray Container And Lids Made Of Impact Resistance Poly Propylene, Hermetically Sealed Battery, Dry And Uncharged, Conforming To Is-5154, Size: L 972Mm X W 524Mm X H 463Mm, Tolerance: +/- 3Mm, For Macneills Tow Master (Tm-2040) With One Year Warranty.
In addition to offering standard ARINC 801, Amphenol Aerospace now offers hermetically sealed assemblies and feed-throughs.