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Failure analyses of the hermetically sealed tantalum SMD parts conducted after the 230[degrees]C life testing suggested that the observed deterioration of the electrical parameters is directly connected to MnO, cathode conductivity changes (Figures 6 and 7).
The pulleys, which are built specifically for belt conveyors, are designed with the motor and gearbox hermetically sealed in the steel shell, making them compact, reliable and safe in harsh environmental conditions, according to Rulmeca.
The hollow stem portion houses the strain gauge electronics, and is hermetically sealed using laser welding techniques.
The R Series encompasses two styles of compressors: the RC Series of hermetically sealed scroll compressor chillers includes a 30- to 100-ton capacity range, and the RS Series of semi-hermetically sealed screw compressor chillers covers a 60- to 195-ton capacity range.
The ProCam MD offers diaphragm monitoring system that signals the onset of diaphragm wear, leak free, hermetically sealed fluid and is available in 316ss, alloy 20, PVC and PVDF.
the precious central collection remains hidden, as if within a closed cargo hold, hermetically sealed from contamination -- a quiescent space in the heart of the labyrinth.
The rotor is the only moving part in the flow steam and magnetically coupled to a hermetically sealed indicator/totalizer.
The easiest option, he said, is to invest in a fully hermetically enclosed degreasing machine that meets all the requirements of the new legislation while slashing solvent usage.
BOB DINABERG, on how his California Wesleyan football team prepared for the smog in Los Angeles: "We practiced with one nostril taped up and then had our assistant coaches smoke cigars in the hermetically sealed bus that took us to the game.
The X-600 Phase Convection soldering system features a hermetically sealed loading system by which boards are loaded into one of four levels of phase convection.
In this latter portion of the book, the texture of the presentation becomes less densely woven: Whereas Gardner might, at one point in the course of his earlier discussion of Royall Tyler, draw in rapid succession on a series of literary works from the 1790s (Ethan Allen's captivity narrative, Peter Markoe's The Algerine Spy in Pennsylvania, Susannah Rowson's play Slaves of Algiers, and Peter Butler's Fortune's Foot-ball) to buttress a point about Tyler's The Algerine Captive, his readings of Poe and Douglass are more hermetically isolated, making fewer gestures outward toward the literary field whose development is a paramount concern of Master Plots.
It involves a hermetically sealed conventional microphone, battery, electronic unit, and piezoelectric vibrator of the ossicular chain.