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These findings suggest that a short course of oral steroids (prednisone) is unlikely to provide much benefit for patients with sciatica due to a herniated disk in the lower back," said lead author Harley Goldberg, DO, a spine care specialist at Kaiser Permanente's San Jose Medical Center.
It's doubtful that Ryan Anderson will return this season after he suffered a herniated disk in his neck on January 3rd," John Reid of the Times Picayune.
A herniated disk can sometimes be very painful and most people feel better with just a few months of nonsurgical treatment, which can consist of physical therapy, medications or epidural steroids.
Oxygen/ozone therapy involves injecting a gas mixture of oxygen and ozone into a herniated disk.
Gagne isn't coming back this year, and he might never be back in a Dodger uniform again after learning he has to undergo season-ending back surgery to repair a herniated disk.
This is his first DL stint since suffering a herniated disk in his back in June 2003.
175) as the starting third baseman while McPherson worked into shape at Triple-A from a herniated disk in his back.
Consider, if a disk only herniates when the patient is upright, then it doesn't matter if a recumbent scanner is 1 Tesla, 3 Tesla or 100 Tesla; it won't be able to see the herniated disk.