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It's doubtful that Ryan Anderson will return this season after he suffered a herniated disk in his neck on January 3rd," John Reid of the Times Picayune.
About 1 in 50 people will get a herniated disk at some point in life.
Pai resulting from bulging or herniated disks is initially treated with medication, physical therapy, and/or acupuncture.
While a herniated disk sounds especially troubling and painful, the encouraging news is that the problem can usually be addressed without surgery.
A herniated disk can sometimes be very painful and most people feel better with just a few months of nonsurgical treatment, which can consist of physical therapy, medications or epidural steroids.
Studies indicate a positive straight leg raise that elicits excruciating sciaticalike pain has 80% sensitivity and 40% specificity for a herniated disk.
Q What exactly is a herniated disk, and how is it usually treated?
Having a herniated disk can affect how you perform everyday activities and can cause severe pain that influences almost everything you do; however, you don't have to undergo invasive surgery," said Dr Kieran J.
You are more than "a torn meniscus" or "a herniated disk.
Gagne isn't coming back this year, and he might never be back in a Dodger uniform again after learning he has to undergo season-ending back surgery to repair a herniated disk.