hero worship

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This city is gripped in hero worship with almost every fan carrying posters of Indian cricketers.
In Wife, Mays plays not only Charlotte but other characters including the lesbian aunt who mentored her and the Nazi father whom she says she murdered, not to mention Wright, who first met her in 1993 and over time developed a serious case of hero worship. When he learns that Charlotte was an informant to East Germany's secret police, Wright finds himself questioning all he thought he knew and admired about Charlotte's survival instinct.
What historical, literary; or pop culture figures should people of color look to for guidance or should folks try to stay away from hero worship of people like Cesar Chavez, Subcomandante Marcos, you name it?
Cohen admits that this "great man" approach might open him up to accusations of hero worship. But when he quotes Henry Kissinger (who doubtless was speaking in the first person) saying, "Great men are so rare that they take some getting used to," Cohen unintentionally raises a serious question about his own thesis.
Williams, currently climbing the charts with `Feel,' his first single since signing a reputed pounds 80m contract with EMI, is not known for his hero worship of the Beatles, unlike his friends the Gallagher brothers.
He has written an amusing autobiography, centred on his lifelong habit of hero worship of celebrities of virtually every species except politicians.
This hero worship continued even after her 1989 conviction for kidnapping Stompie Seipei, the fourteen-year-old who was murdered by one of her goons.
Whatever the reason - hero worship of major leaguers or a misguided sense of machismo - adolescents are gravitating toward spit tobacco in increasing numbers.
* Greatly influenced by popular adults and teenage idols - hero worship and crush stage
dissertation from Yale (1941) was expanded into the book A Century of Hero Worship (1944; reissued as The Cult of the Superman, 1969).
Another thing that's likely to make some readers go "ugh" is that for all Taylor's references to faith in and reliance on God, her reminiscences of George Bush border on hero worship.