hero worship

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How could hero-worship of strongmen like Ayub and Bhutto (even Musharraf for good measure) coexist with democratic norms?
Beyond that, Dominik also examines bigger questions such as when does cruel history become romantic myth and at what point does hero-worship become deadly hate.
Tony wonders whether respected psychologist Jonathan Goode (Michael Maloney), whose work he regards with something akin to hero-worship, could be involved.
HEROES: Saviors, Traitors, and Supermen--A History of Hero-Worship.
But that first glimmer of hero-worship at a vulnerable age can fuel your desire to dance.
Hero-worship was a major preoccupation in romantic art.
Martin falls short of hero-worship, refusing to overlook Nader's tactical errors and personal foibles.
By "pathos of glory" I simply mean: any sort of emotive persuasion tending to glorify the dishonest corporate egoism of a community; its self-projective hero-worship, and unthinking reverence for authority; its conventional moral prejudices.
Hero-worship has got absolutely nothing to do with giving credit to whom credit is due, but is rather a way of reducing ideas into meaningless 'isms'.
Wild man Harris reveals his hero-worship for the Irish and British Lions International who was written off by the experts for years.