hero worship

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He was charming and full of jokes, and we became his hero-worshippers.
It is likely that whoever succeeds current President Gloria Arroyo will try to ride the wave of Cory nostalgia, if only to get more support from Filipino hero-worshippers cum voters.
Around 1850, Admiral Rous horrified hero-worshippers of historic horses, claiming that "Flying Childers might now not win a pounds 30 plate, winner to be sold for pounds 40, and Highflyer and Eclipse might pull through in a
A compilation of some of the best of his solo work, Waters can gleefully wave goodbye to his Floyd days, as track after track whets the appetite of newcomers to his more recent work, and reminds his hero-worshippers why he's such a legend.
And for the male hero-worshippers, it is introducing a Jackie Chan line, based on the Sony-licensed karate action character.
This idea has been addressed eloquently by poet Robert Penn Warren: "For if the hero is the embodiment of our ideals, the fulfillment of our secret needs, the image of the day-dream self, then to analyze [the hero] is likely to mean, in the end, an analysis of the hero-makers and the hero-worshippers, who are indeed, ourselves.
It disappeared in the instant Mick Kinane switched Montjeu to the inside and sought a response-uneasy no doubt as he realised this wasn't the same awe-inspiring animal he'd grown used to, though his unease was still not evident to us hero-worshippers in the stand.