heroic achievement

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In recognition of their "superb courage, cool-headed efficiency and daring of the highest order," the 174 men were awarded the Bronze Star Medal for heroic achievement.
That's fighting talk from the German and he's holding onto the dream that the club's nine-in-a-row success can be surpassed by a different sort of heroic achievement.
The Arab history will commemorate those who took part in this coalition," he said, asserting that His Majesty the King's keenness to welcome the BDF personnel returning from Yemen reflects the unflinching royal support to BDF and represents the best culmination of the heroic achievement made in Yemen.
Brickler's recognition includes being named National Family Physician of the Year in 1982 by the American Academy of Family Physicians and Good Housekeeping and the Florida Hospital Association's Lifetime Heroic Achievement Award as well as running the Olympic Torch through Tallahassee, Fla.
Marine in World War II and Korea -- not about the gallantry that earned him the Silver Star, not about the heroic achievement that earned him the Bronze Star, and not even about the wounds for which he received three Purple Hearts.
Afterwards an emotional Ferguson paid tribute to Murray's heroic achievement and revealed he completely lost control during a spine-tingling conclusion.
The six pillars are the North Shore setting; events like major surfing tournaments, as well as the World Paddleboard Championship, a Slack Key Guitar Playoff and a Makahiki Festival of Cane Spirits; the areaOs legacy as a water sports mecca; agritourism, featuring partnerships with local farmers to develop resort-branded products; romance, which is defined as Oa spirit of adventure, excitement, the potential for heroic achievement, and the exoticO; and Otalk story,O a local expression meaning Oto chat informally,O with surfers, authors, musicians and filmmakers talking story with guests and residents.
It shouldn't be celebrated as a heroic achievement, it should be an everyday occurrence.
Estonia needed a heroic achievement for the sake of its inner confidence, as well as outward image.
Minister Communication while talking to the jubilant people present on the occasion congratulated the PAF and the whole nation for the heroic achievement and said that the entire nation is behind the valiant defence forces in their endeavour to defend the countrys geographical boundaries on ground, in air and the sea .
The heroic achievement, and Majdic's clear state of agony afterward, overshadowed the gold medal-winning performance of Norway's Marit Bjoergen.
A patriotic fist-pump, celebrating Murray's heroic achievement in becoming the first Brit to reach a Wimbledon final since the Ice Age, when woolly mammoths wielded rackets and dipped their fuzzy trunks in jugs of Pimms at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club.