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In a systematic discussion of various genres, Sidney reserves his longest and most impassioned defense for "Heroical" poetry, which he explicitly names the "best and most accomplished kind" (231), and indeed, several of the most notable instances of sublimity appear in this section.
The bounty provided during the visit demonstrated that Leicester possessed "a magnifyk minde, a singuler wizdoom, a prinsly pers, and an heroical hart" (479).
In this context, diplomacy "rewrites heroical action as public service," turning Orestes into a bureaucrat (176).
A sense of purpose is to be maintained by the singing of 'heroical actions done in former times by heroical women'.
In a later conversation, a chaplain urges the imprisoned Charles to display his "heroical virtues .
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If much of this sounds familiar, it is because Shakespeare takes from Chaucer not just the story of two lovers separated by a cruel combination of fate and human folly but also the characters of the generous, loving woman and the poetical, egotistical, heroical male.
To this end he would help people rediscover inner strength through awakening their inheritance of heroical myths and legends.
Imitation of the Heroides becomes central with two of Drayton's Heroical Epistles.
When the French king refers to Henry's ancestry, he describes not Henry's Norman forefathers, but rather the Edward III whose memory the English also enshrine, and who saw his "heroical seed" make hay of the seed of French fathers.
However, Michael Drayton had published fictional love letters between Owen and Katherine two years before, in England's Heroical Epistles (1598).
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