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More insistently nationalistic than Spenser, Drayton also captures Ovid's seriousness in his Heroical Epistles overtly modeled upon Ovid's epistolographic persona creation in the Heroides.
The dubious--at best naive--political and historical thinking in the novel is illustrated as well by another comparison: the heroic fight against "carnivorism" is meant to resemble the heroical fight of the Danish resistance to the German occupation during World War II.
an heroical inspiration and an heroical belief are needed that fortify and vivify reason, and that none other than Jesus of Nazareth brought forth in the world .
Riley's poetic consistently seeks a vantage point for a larger view, but it is the poem-language which sets us to work rather than an heroical seer, and consistently these largest perspectives are gained from the margin: "only from the edge does any wholeness become contemplatable and achieve reverberation" (Riley in Dorward, p.
However, Michael Drayton had published fictional love letters between Owen and Katherine two years before, in England's Heroical Epistles (1598).
7) Ludovico Ariosto's 'Orlando Furioso' Translated into English Heroical Verse by Sir John Harington, ed.