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These are basically spy planes, that's what they were designed for," said one source close to the investigation, explaining the hesitance of some nations to allow maritime surveillance aircraft into their waters.
This was witnessed during the hearing by an SC bench regarding encroachments in Karachi when there was mostly hesitance by officials to give facts regarding encroachments on government lands.
Everton went away to a big club, more than held their own with a good team performance, but paid the price for one moment of defensive hesitance.
Al-Hadad said Yemen's hesitance to do away with fuel subsidies is understandable given the country's current economic and political climate.
The hesitance has been generally thought to be associated with fear of public reaction and of repercussions on price rise of other goods.
The Japanese Defense Ministry's think tank issued a warning about the aggravated security environment in East Asia in a report released Friday, saying that China, with its modernized military and bolder maritime ambitions, has shown no hesitance about arousing concern among its neighbors.
shareholders' agreement) and such non codification often resulted in investors facing uncertainty and thereby triggering their hesitance to invest in Kuwait.
For example, studies show that fear of injection is one of the top reasons why many patients demonstrate hesitance toward beginning insulin therapy.
However, the hesitance of foreign buyers to purchase Chinese aircrafts poses the biggest challenge in the Aircraft Manufacturing market in China.
That said, we stress that, despite market expectations that China will continue easing, commodity indices have yet to react, suggesting hesitance on the part of investors.
that had been left smoldering thanks to the Supreme Court's hesitance to render a decision in two similar matters.
The government's hesitance to handle the halloumi matter as a public commodity is leading the state's farming sector to economic destruction," said Panagrotikos' Nectarios Karyos.