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There was no hesitancy, no faltering, in his muscular movements.
I could see that he had something on his mind, which he wanted to say, but felt some hesitancy about broaching the subject.
To do its leaders justice, he admitted that this might have been partly through their hesitancy to hurt Rose who was always to be found in the thick of its sale-dinners, bazaars and sociables.
There was a moment's hesitancy, then Aunt Mildred placed her hand on the board, and said: "Some one has always to be the fool for the delectation of the rest.
Trading is thin during the 'ghost month' because of hesitancy to invest,' the BSP said referring to the month-long Chinese festival to honor departed relatives when superstitious investors refrain from signing contracts or parting with money.
It sounds to me as though you have the classical symptoms of an enlarged prostate - hesitancy and urgency.
Maternal vaccine hesitancy and physician self-efficacy did not improve after using a physician-centered communication intervention program, according to Nora P.
In a special issue of the journal Vaccine, guest-edited by WHO and published today, experts review the role of vaccine hesitancy in limiting vaccine coverage and explore strategies to address it.
This hesitancy is understandable, but may prevent a board from solving particular problems or reaching higher levels of performance.
But it was Sweeney who grabbed the winner, making the most of hesitancy in the Us defence to slot home.
Christopher put the hosts ahead in the ninth minute when hesitancy in the visitors' defence allowed the marks man to waltz through and slot the ball past Phil Palethorpe.
Not only is their vision impaired with blind spots caused by left-hand drive vehicles, but their hesitancy and lane swapping, through uncertainty of where they are going, or lack of understanding of our road signs, means most other motorists have to keep a very wide berth.