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The hesitant cloud model is based on the theory of compatibility cloud and hesitant fuzzy sets to achieve evaluation of risk.
To overcome the difficulty associated with expressing uncertainty of an element to a given set, the concept of higher order hesitant fuzzy set (HOHFS) is introduced here to let the membership degrees of an element to a given set be expressed by several possible G-Type FSs.
Let X be a fixed set, a hesitant fuzzy set (HFS) on X is in terms of a function that when applied to X returns a subset of [0,1].
The so-called religious right (with which this writer has oft been identified) has not been hesitant in the last two decades to 'speak truth to power.
Many schools are hesitant to charge their students another $400 to $500 a year especially in these times when college costs are rising across the board.
David Shreve, senior education committee director for education at the National Conference of State Legislatures, says many measures were defeated because taxpayers and state officials are hesitant to pass more funding mandates.
Why do you think some countries are hesitant to intervene in Darfur?
Though I'm still hesitant about The Giants' fluffy orange mascot.
This hesitant line, in tandem with a strange sense of nervous energy, characterizes many of the drawings.
However, horizontal commercial markets have been somewhat hesitant to adopt a new PC form factor in a world of slow-growing IT budgets.
Some moviegoers may have been hesitant to see Mel Gibson's blockbuster The Passion of the Christ because of its use of Aramaic and Latin with English subtitles.
While large corporations across North America are increasing their connectivity through e-learning, owners of small- and medium-sized businesses may be hesitant to allow their employees time during the workday to take a course online when they could be making sales calls.