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It's interesting both are at home, but I'm hesitantly going to go for narrow away wins for the Munster rivals of Cork and Kerry.
In their infancy, it seemed as though an opportunity was being wasted, the majority of the tunes weighted towards introverted balladry, performed hesitantly in a darkened, subdued theatre.
On the phone I sold him the electric blue colour and Nigel hesitantly bought the car - unseen.
There's a funny scene in which Noriega consults a sycophantic American publicist (Richard Masur), who lauds him as a great man before hesitantly allowing, ``The American public sees you as'' - pregnant pause; seeking the
I'll go hesitantly for a Meath victory but confidence in the squad is low.
She stretched out her hand to a crewman and hesitantly moved towards what she must have felt was like an abyss.
Mayra Garcia of Norwalk, one in a group of blind teen-agers who had the opportunity to fish for the first time, hesitantly touches a Pacific mackerel she boated outside Long Beach Harbor.
OVERWHELMED: One passenger covers his mouth with clothing to try to stop breathing in the smoke and to keep out cloying soot; WALK TO SAFETY: Commuter Alex Chadwick's mobile phone picture of fellow Tube passengers, including another one taking photos; TERRIFIED: Blast survivors hesitantly make their way along the Tube tunnel at Kings Cross.
Wales again started off hesitantly despite taking an early fourth-minute lead from a penalty by centre Lee Thomas (Cardiff).
As for the Bebawi children, their mother was hesitantly looking forward to their free summer swims.
For as I heard the designer rather hesitantly point out when interviewed, those shoes were not made for walking.
The Youth started hesitantly but coach Ray Giles will be well pleased with a stirring last quarter when his side more than held its own.