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Georgian government's NATO aspirations were supported by 73% of respondents; 8% disagreed; 17% hesitated to answer the
ISLAMABAD, December 04, 2010 (Balochistan Times): WikiLeaks revealed that United States Embassy in Islamabad had believed half and a year before there were some elements in ISI who were out of control despite that President Musharraf and Army Chief General Kayani had hesitated to remove ISI Chief Let.
We don't want police hesitation to shoot because 117 policemen died last year when they hesitated to defend themselves, fearing the media and some human rights practitioners," he says.
1 : to pause before doing something <He hesitated before crossing the stream.
The goalie hesitated with the ball at his feet three minutes before the break and Steven Nicholas nipped in.
Congress has hesitated to touch it because they fear being accused of tampering with Social Security.
In fact, [Hamlin and Greenburger] barely hesitated.
I do not recall too many instances where the apostles, the early church fathers and subsequent great Christian thinkers and believers hesitated to make their positions clear, although not necessarily consistent.
Uncharacteristically, the Nazis hesitated to silence the popular bishop, but he was, according to propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels, marked for reckoning "after the final victory.
All I know is he hesitated and I took the opportunity.
A minute into the second half, Kedzie Gunderson took a pass from Corrie Mizusawa near the top of the key, spotted up for a three-point attempt and hesitated.