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The Tunisian Minister of Economy and Finance, Hakim Ben Hammouda,on Monday painted a gloomy financial picture for the north African country, saying that domestic and foreign investors are still hesitating in doing business.
"For me it is a dreamy, hazy thing." With Hesitating Beauty, he has put the viewer in his own place of "not knowing," a move that also serves to drive home his core beliefs about what a photograph can and cannot do.
Other missteps identified by recruiters were committing cultural gaffes and/or political suicide (16 percent), waiting too long to implement change (16 percent), not spending enough face time with subordinates (14 percent), getting sidetracked by "fire drills" (11 percent) and hesitating on tough personnel decisions (10 percent).
"I can't promise gay programming," he says, hesitating, "but it would be really remiss of me if I didn't try to find shows on this network that accurately reflect gay life."
of Huntington, Maryland, also 16, noticed his plight from the beach and without hesitating swam to render assistance.
The Tilt-A-Whirl, for example, spins its passengers in one direction, then another, sometimes hesitating between forays and sometimes swinging them abruptly from one motion to another.