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2) Hesitatingly for a young nobody like me, and inconceivable that such a great masterpiece by such a great master could be subjected to one of the worst publications in the entire history of classical music.
Across the road on the opposite sidewalk, unaware that a new occupant was sharing the streets with her, sat a 25-year-old Syrian beggar who hesitatingly identified herself as Salma, resting, her three kids' sleepy heads on her lap.
Joshi was followed, a bit hesitatingly perhaps, by a few other governors while others 'refused' to resign, maintaining that they were not obliged to do so.
In this cognate set one can also include MariE lewe, MariW liwa warm , MariE lewe-, MariW liwe- become warm, thaw , as hesitatingly suggested by UEW (685).
Women told me hesitatingly that money matters are men's purview as they have a better understanding of the world outside the home.
Only when the situation improved somewhat in Europe, when the pressure of the unemployed that had weighed on the labor market since the Industrial Revolution slowly subsided, when unemployment as a permanent phenomenon disappeared, when social welfare lessened the misery of the helpless and, therefore, the rate of criminality went down considerably, was the American example slowly and hesitatingly followed, more perhaps in theory than in praxis.
Most witnesses are shy and tell their stories hesitatingly.
D HANRAJ said during a tea party he spoke to Tendulkar for the first time, hesitatingly.
Subsequently they were joined by, among others, George Bellows and, somewhat hesitatingly, Edward Hopper.
One of the criticisms against President Barack Obama is that he acted mistakenly and hesitatingly in the Middle East, directly weakening the West's clout in the region.
I must extricate one tentacle after the other to caress, hesitatingly, the air.
So four years ago as we watched TV one night I hesitatingly brought up the subject of marriage and monogamy, boldly stating that given the chance, many of us would probably have affairs if it was socially acceptable.