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Presumably, had he known a report lay on file that would get Sampson the sack pretty soon, Southgate might have had a little more hesitation.
My philosophy is that they're good enough they're old enough, if I feel they warrant a place I'll have no hesitation at all.
According to spoilers of "The Hesitation Ramification," Penny's little role in NCIS will be edited out, which will make her feel frustrated.
Some other deal breakers are when your partner shows hesitation to meet your friends, when he or she enjoys someone else's misfortune, expects too much too soon and is unfaithful.
Copy of A sets the tone for the rest of Hesitation Marks, an album that couldn't be more different and yet similar to The Downward Spiral.
This shape suggests an introduction of material at an initially higher velocity than the melt from the first nozzle, which can result in flow hesitation.
NNA - 18/4/2012 - MP Ghazi Zaayter called on the government to implement its agreements with Syria and avoid hesitation in taking clear cut decisions pertaining to the Syrian developments.
US-Yemenicleric Anwar al-Awlaqi has called for the killing of Americans 'without hesitation,' in a video message posted on jihadist websites, US monitoring group SITE said on Monday.
Krebber's system of hesitation finds its paradigmatic form in tentative painterly markings, as in the case of Miami City Ballet I-III, 2010, three canvases primed decades ago to which the artist applied black enamel paint only when the opening of his eponymous show at the Berlin branch of Galerie Daniel Buchholz was imminent.
A rapid assessment reveals that Obama's administration's hesitation to deal with the international conflicts and the region's crises in particular could not but entail reversible results of the pledges of the American president who came to the White House with hopes to make a great change in order to get rid of a heavy legacyC*and an unpleasant one too.
2 : to act, approach, or attack suddenly or without hesitation <I pounced on the opportunity.
The presentation you offered of the positions held by our leaders reflected my views very well, including the hesitation shown by Prime Minister Harper.