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The world has treated him badly, and he has no hesitation in saying that he means to get some part of his own back again.
Again there was a certain amount of hesitation in his manner.
The charm of the work lies in Wiesel's hesitations, his reflections, and the occasional admission of his inability to work out a definite answer to these weighty questions.
In the process the work suffers twofold: Not only do we miss the speaking person behind the language--the tone, the hesitations, the accompanying facial expressions and gestures that convince us of the speaker's honesty--but more important, we miss the narrative development at which the artist excels.
What are bankers' fears, hesitations and best strategies moving forward?
Rostovsky seems to have set aside his hesitations in Bathers, 2001, a quiet group of twelve small panels hung in a tight row.
I believe it's more important, healthier, and even holier to let go of our fears and just paint or write a book or sew a dress or invent a better clothes' hanger than to let the right brain be fenced in and stifled by the left brain's hesitations.