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(For the sake of comparison, the overall average across all 51 top liberal arts institutions included in Langbert's study was 12.7-to-1, with extreme outliers ranging from 120-to-1 to 136-to-1.) Nine members of the CMC faculty, including the academic dean, are members of Heterodox Academy.
He further stated that the bank would continue to develop policy instruments and device ways of ensuring that an optimal mix of heterodox policies is continually deployed to engender the overall well-being and prosperity of the Nigerian economy.
The obstacles Heterodox Academy faces may be insurmountable, but if so that leaves us little reason for optimism.
Heterodoxy Index Type Cavallo (1991) 0.13 Orthodox Alsogaray (1959) 0.56 Orthodox Martinez de Hoz (1976) 0.71 Hybrid Lavagna (2002) 0.75 Hybrid Krieger Vasena (1967) 0.84 Hybrid Blanco (1955) 0.88 Hybrid Gomez Morales (1952) 1.35 Hybrid Sourrouille (1985) 1.43 Hybrid Kicilloff (2013) 1.53 Heterodox Gelbard (1973) 1.97 Heterodox Although the thresholds for each category are arbitrary, the resulting taxonomy coincides generally with the way these plans have been described, both by academics and in the general press.
People working within particular schools of heterodox economics can be just a single-mindedly monist in their method as are neoclassical economists.
He concludes that modern mainstream economics has not become more heterodox or pluralist.
Indeed, establishing the probability of transmission from heterodox ancient Iranian beliefs via Mazdakism to the Khurramiyya seems to be the point of the remainder (pp.
In his markedly lucid final chapter on "The Hermeneutics of Censorship and the Crime of Wit," Lund demonstrates through detailed readings of the trials of Thomas Woolston in 1729; William Rayner, the printer of The Craftsman in 1731; and Thomas Paine in 1792 and 1797 that, despite the lapse of the Licensing Act in 1695, the state continued to exert powerful control over heterodox writings through accusations of either seditious or blasphemous libel.
"heterodox parolees") have come to occupy a larger share of
Weaver says that by his reading Yoder is neither orthodox nor heterodox (371).
85) He describes Austrians as a threat to other heterodox schools.
Dispute between the government and some Ethiopian Muslims was mainly triggered by what they allege is the government's introducing on them of a "heterodox, apolitical, minority" Islamic sect called "Ahbash"