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Establishing a foothold for political economy, whether as a university department separate from economics (as at the University of Sydney) or in conjunction with other social science disciplines (such as sociology at Macquarie University), is a precondition for heterodox economics having a significant and enduring place in university education and research.
It must also be noted that some of Colander's work, particularly his early work, was in keeping with many established heterodox positions: criticism of the excessive pursuit of technique over substance (Colander & Coats 1993); asserting that economic policy is an art not a science (Colander, Amato & Laudati 2001); and being critical of the way economists are educated (Colander & Klamer 1989).
Thus it is not surprising that the first attractor of sceptical qua heterodox economists outside of Cambridge was the polytechnic-based Thames Papers in Political Economy.
The literature distinguishes between heterodox and orthodox stabilization plans (see Kiguel and Liviatan, 1992).
He concludes that modern mainstream economics has not become more heterodox or pluralist.
Indeed, establishing the probability of transmission from heterodox ancient Iranian beliefs via Mazdakism to the Khurramiyya seems to be the point of the remainder (pp.
In his markedly lucid final chapter on "The Hermeneutics of Censorship and the Crime of Wit," Lund demonstrates through detailed readings of the trials of Thomas Woolston in 1729; William Rayner, the printer of The Craftsman in 1731; and Thomas Paine in 1792 and 1797 that, despite the lapse of the Licensing Act in 1695, the state continued to exert powerful control over heterodox writings through accusations of either seditious or blasphemous libel.
becoming increasingly necessary not only to protect heterodox parolees,
He describes Austrians as a threat to other heterodox schools.
Unfortunately, too many policymakers in advanced economies allowed themselves to believe that such heterodox policies are only for emerging markets.
The first edition of this introduction to the economics of capitalism, originally published in 2008, was enthusiastically received by many heterodox economists and labour movement activists.
For centuries Yezidis, who follow a heterodox religion based on oral tradition, were excluded both from the community of the Muslims, and from the protected communities of the People of the Book.