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What can Heterodox Economics Contribute to the Analysis of Gender and Pay?
Since heterodox or secular enlightened thinking is usually supposed to have been the main ideological source for political reform, it is noteworthy that French and British radicalism, in particular, are identified with that great foe of the century of lights, neo-Augustinian Christianity.
What is lost in the detail and in the erudition is precisely that element which made Hegel a great and original philosopher, and not merely the crucible of heterodox currents.
In contrast to prevailing narratives of biodiversity, in which the foundations of neoclassical economics are taken as given, we argue that, due to its ethical and ontological foundations, orthodox economics is incapable of solving the biodiversity loss problem and that heterodox economics provides a more useful method of analysis.
This rule was passed to eliminate the most virulent strain of heresy ever encountered to date; it was an attempt to keep the heterodox from moving around to more hospitable dioceses.
Tyacke finds that "Puritan" as a derogatory label did not become associated specifically with doctrinal Calvinism and predesrinarian thought until the 1620s when the rise of Arminianism eventually rendered heterodox what hitherto had been the Reform core of English religious orthodoxy.
Had the editors taken Sylvester's advice on absent writers they would have been much better off; had they soaked up some of his heterodox aestheticism in the process they would have rethought the whole enterprise from scratch.
Yeats' aim, according to Brown, was to "infuse Irish reality, through symbolic rites and ritual enactments, with an ancient spirituality in which paganism and heterodox Christianity combined would help Ireland achieve a transcendent liberation from the crassly materialist world of England's commercial empire.
This, says Kaelber, led Weber into an examination of the sociology of both orthodox and heterodox medieval religious groups to discover how the social organization of religious groups shaped the rational ascetic conduct of its members.
I would have placed early Maharashtrian bhakti in the period of pre-Islamic influence and included the heterodox sect of the Mahanubhavs, but as a fifty-page journey documenting the varied Indian religion scene through time, it is amazingly lucid and complete.
Many theologians have only cursorily examined the resourcefulness of Whiteheadian thought, often suspecting it of being irremediably heterodox, but perhaps more often because mastering it seems to demand an inordinate amount of time and effort.
Fitch remains concerned about sovereign credit trends in Venezuela, underscored by recent nationalizations and aggressive stance toward the private sector, as well as by measures to lower oil prices, buoyant government spending and a heterodox macro policy framework.