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18) Nevertheless, due to the originality of the abbot's system and the similarities between medieval heterodoxies and modern totalist movements, Joachim's influence could, at times, seem truly universal, a viewpoint which can be encountered in thinkers of all political persuasions, such as Eric Voegelin and Ernst Bloch among many other disciplines, from literature to marketing (19).
As stated before, there are several broad patterns which can be traced to the doctrinal core of Joachite-inspired heterodoxies, although Joachite traditions were mixed with many political tendencies--not surprising at all given their eventual reach and the resilience of their ideas throughout the centuries.
They are a good example of totalist heterodoxies which led to the coalition between reformist movements and secular powers in Europe.
The Borderlands of Science will reward careful study and will doubtless provide fodder for discussion for a long time to come--in sharp contrast to the perpetuation of heterodoxies by Bauer and others of his ilk.
The "others" he focuses on are women, nonprivileged economic classes, and heterodoxies.
One might venture to explain this by observing that the thought of Protestant countries favours Origen's heterodoxies even less than his orthodoxies: it is by abandoning some of his catholic premisses that it spares itself the difficulties which prompted his most original speculations.