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In the absence of a representation of the central Christian doctrines that avoid paradox while resisting heterodoxy (chaps.
It is not that Clark's argument is skewed or wrong, but that it is too emphatic and hence reductive, dismissing the possibility that Crusoe could be about stadial development, nascent capitalism, and colonial expansion, as well as a condemnation of heterodoxy, let alone a formal experiment that marks a forward step in the emergence of the English novel (pp.
He places Chinese Christianity in the context of Chinese popular religion and the Qing state's attempt to suppress what it regarded as heterodoxy.
According to Barbara Hodgdon's introduction, the aim of the collection is to "mark a move from the essentializing orthodoxy of performance criticism to the theoretical heterodoxy of Shakespeare performance studies, a more encompassing, expansive, expressive, and relational arena for rethinking performance" (7).
Specific topics discussed include Christian identity, Christian martyrdom, heterodoxy and orthodoxy, conjugal ethics and apostolic homewreckers, asceticism, eroticism, and much more.
He represented orthodoxy at a time when heterodoxy was in fashion, when the end of the Second Vatican Council was supposed to have inaugurated a new era of openness and the controversy over Humanae vitae had virtually split Catholicism in two.
To religious heterodoxy this diaspora's medical practitioners added professional heterodoxy: a tolerance for, and sometimes an active support of, Paracelsus's neo-alchemic dogmas.
The Historia Albigensis couples Raimon's heterodoxy with his use of mercenaries, his indifference to oaths, his disrespect for the institution of marriage, and his alleged incest.
For example, he says that education is "indispensable and promotes autonomy, heterodoxy, dissent and creativity" in a progress-prone culture; in a progress-resistant culture, there is less priority on education, which "promotes dependency and orthodoxy.
Granted, he maintained a critical distance from any and every orthodoxy or heterodoxy.
32) As to the Anatolian "contact persons" of the Iranian emissaries, they were often executed unless they could flee into the protection of certain powerful tribes who continued to form a bastion of Anatolian heterodoxy.
Olympia also inherited her father's heterodoxy, soon becoming a voice of no small merit in the European Reformation.