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To examine this, two worker composition variables were specified for inclusion in the study: worker tenure and employment heterogeneity.
This paper aims to examine the influence of heterogeneity on growth and therefore provide new empirical evidence by analyzing the channels through which ethnic heterogeneity affects growth.
Given this emerging evidence for intratumor heterogeneity in somatic mutational status between sites of disease and for the risks associated with biopsying multiple sites of disease (6, 14), it is critical to determine how less-invasive techniques can be established to profile a tumor's somatic mutational load more rapidly and to track its evolution over time.
The updated estimates for the effect of income on the timing and spacing of the first three births are robust to individual-level heterogeneity and endogeneity of income.
One such feature is the heterogeneity of social and economic agents, (1) whose meaning can be inferred from the following quotation: 'We can define society as a heterogeneous and hierarchical aggregate.
Indeed, the heterogeneity of family firms has long been recognized (Melin & Nordqvist, 2007; Sharma, Chrisman, & Chua, 1997) but, until recently, the focus of research has been largely about the distinctions between family and nonfamily firms.
Protein biomarker heterogeneity was observed in many patients.
Two previous systematic reviews also suggested that corticosteroids may be therapeutically equivalent to but safer than NSAIDs, but both were based on a very small number of available studies and were hampered by statistical between-trial heterogeneity.
The apparent heterogeneity of the audience is the real strength of the Conference that allowed the formation of a substantial community, as evidenced by the exponential growth in the number of delegates over the years.
Cancer heterogeneity is a major challenge we need to address to effectively diagnose and treat cancer with therapeutics that are more selective and individualized for each patient and for each stage of the disease, explained Ignacio I.