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Of all the heterogeneity dimensions, the effect of language is the most sensitive to model.
We measure director heterogeneity along six separate dimensions and divide board heterogeneity into occupational and social components.
Genetic Heterogeneity in HER2 testing in breast cancer: panel summary and guidelines.
In summary: heterogeneity in the geometric (structural) parameter that is considered relevant for the property of interest is reduced to an acceptable low level for the RAE.
The value of the similarity index is inversely proportional to the variability of T wave morphologies and a low value is considered a marker of repolarization heterogeneity (12).
Two characteristics differentiate global teams from other types of teams: (1) deliberate and collateral heterogeneity on multiple dimensions, and (2) a globally dispersed work environment.
The increase in the prominence of the slow mode with concentration can be interpreted as increase in the heterogeneity of the solution due to (a) increase in the chain entanglement with concentration and (b) increased aggregation of polymer chains due to the presence of highly polar side groups of polymer (acrylonitrile unit) and hydrophobic backbone.
A distinctive feature of Indian society is its heterogeneity.
On the one hand, Alesina, Glaeser, and Sacerdote (2001) and Lee and Roemer (2004) propose that the source of this heterogeneity is racial: The presence of a clearly identifiable racial minority reduces individuals' incentives to engage in redistribution.
Heterogeneity was assessed by the I2 and Q statistic.
He explains that this is caused by the phenomenon of electrochemical heterogeneity, the localization of chemical and electrochemical reactions over an electrode surface.