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The Global Heterogeneous Network Market has been segmented into deployment, components, technology, end user and region.
It's equally important for anyone wanting a heterogeneous assembly to understand the consequences resulting from the interconnections and materials chosen, and to realize that currently they are available from a limited base of capable assemblers.
Based on the above analysis, in this paper, we study the resource allocation of software-defined network-based heterogeneous cellular networks (SDHCNs) and propose a particle swarm optimization (PSO)-based power allocation scheme.
In this study, a stochastic simulation method is used for heterogeneous reservoir model.
However, the aforementioned literature focuses on inland studies to estimate aquifers with a heterogeneous hydrogeological distribution field.
In Section 2, we propose the modified SAIS model with heterogeneous awareness behavioral responses on scale-free networks.
In Section 3, we mainly discuss the couple-group consensus for the heterogeneous MASs with time delays.
* WSNs scalability was increased with the use of heterogeneous systems.
* To compare the interaction patterns of the students assigned to the collaborative learning groups based on the learning style-based homogeneous and heterogeneous grouping strategies.
With respect to seed color, five accessions were homogeneous (pure) and eight were heterogeneous (mixture).
Heterogeneous catalyst was introduced to overcome the separation and distribution problems.
To enhance the sensation of taste in products, they focused their work on analyzing aroma-taste interactions and the heterogeneous distribution of tastants--compounds that stimulate the sensory cells in taste buds.

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