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Intensity and heterogeneousness of these demands and mainly managing with these demands requires new approach in thinking, proceeding and acting of managers.
For this poet, thus, the construction of identity depends on acts of adaptation and appropriation of the unspoken and unspeakable, shaping ways in which she situates herself in discursive spaces and negotiates the heterogeneousness of narrative, social and historical borders.
T]his heterogeneousness to signification operates through, despite, and in excess of it and produces in poetic language "musical" but also nonsense effects that destroy not only accepted beliefs and significations, but, in radical experiments, syntax itself.
This confusion has impeded rely on a body of know-how completely organized and, consequently, continue present the paradigmatic heterogeneousness in the analysis organizational.
At the bifurcation point, a sharp spatial-temporal heterogeneousness appears in the system, its former structure destroyed.
Glavan describes as the main characteristic of the younger writers (born after 1970) their heterogeneousness.