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Dahan, "Risk of surgery after use of potassium chloride for treatment of tubal heterotopic pregnancy," Obstetrics & Gynecology, vol.
Another yolk sac (12.7 x 11.2 x 8.6 mm) was seen in left adnexa corresponding to 5 + 5 week, which was suggestive of heterotopic pregnancy. The Doppler study also confirmed the heterotopic study.
Possible side effects may include multiple pregnancy, spontaneous abortion, preterm delivery, heterotopic pregnancy, and ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.
Literature reports the survival of a heterotopic pregnancy carried to term with good perinatal outcome for both the intrauterine and extrauterine fetuses being an exceptional case4.
Heterotopic pregnancy: the effect of shock on the first-trimester fetus.
Our patient is a 42-year-old, obese, gravida 5, para 0-1-31 woman, who was referred to our clinic for laparoscopic management of heterotopic pregnancy. The patient had a history of adverse perinatal outcome and poor obstetric history with one preterm classical cesarean delivery at 25 6/7 weeks in 2014.
Combined intrauterine and extrauterine pregnancy (Heterotopic pregnancy) though are rare in spontaneous pregnancies (1 in 3000-4000), has been recorded in up to 3% of pregnancies from assisted reproduction.
Value of transvaginal sonography in diagnosing heterotopic pregnancy after in-vitro fertilization with embryo transfer.
(24,25) Therefore, careful examination of the pelvis must be performed in patients undergoing infertility treatments to exclude the possibility of heterotopic pregnancy.